is converse college an all girl school

Converse College: An All-Girl School or Coed?

Converse College, founded in 1889 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has a legacy of excellence and empowerment. Initially established as a women’s college, it has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of its students.

Contrary to assumptions, is Converse College still an all-girl school? Not anymore. The college has expanded its programs to include graduate degrees, adult education, and coeducational offerings. This strategic decision was made to enhance the institution’s future viability and appeal to a wider range of students.

The Transition to Coeducation

In 2020, Converse College decided to transition from an all-women’s college to a coeducational university, marking a significant turning point in its history.

This shift was driven by the college’s commitment to ensuring future growth and attracting diverse students. After careful research and extensive discussions involving students, faculty, and staff, Converse College embarked on this transformative journey.

The addition of a coeducational undergraduate college opens doors for women who may not have considered a single-gender college. As it is now known, Converse University continues to emphasize women’s leadership, empowering students to excel in various fields and become dynamic leaders in their communities.

The name change from Converse College to Converse University reflects the institution’s broader scope and acknowledges its longstanding status as a provider of exceptional higher education.

It reaffirms the commitment to academic excellence and the mission of preparing students to become engaged, adaptable, and globally-minded individuals.

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Academic Programs and Achievements

Converse University provides various academic programs tailored to meet our students’ diverse interests and goals.

Undergraduate Programs

Converse offers more than 30 undergraduate majors, allowing students to pursue their interests and build essential skills for future success.

Graduate Programs

Converse University offers 28 graduate programs across various disciplines for those seeking advanced education and professional development.

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From business administration to music education, these programs provide a pathway for individuals to enhance their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

In addition to the wide array of academic programs, Converse University takes pride in its commitment to fostering academic excellence.

The university’s Nisbet Honors Program provides highly motivated undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in specialized coursework and research projects, cultivating their intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, Converse University is recognized for its participation in the Model Programs, which include the prestigious Model Arab League and the International Model NATO conference.

These programs allow students to immerse themselves in global affairs, develop leadership abilities, and engage in spirited debate and diplomacy.

Converse University also encourages student involvement in athletics as part of its commitment to holistic development. The university’s athletic teams, the Valkyries, compete at the NCAA Division II level in the Conference Carolinas. Students can further enhance their teamwork, discipline, and leadership skills through sports.

Converse University’s dedication to academic excellence, diverse program offerings, and emphasis on student engagement set the foundation for a well-rounded education that prepares graduates for success in the professional world.

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Notable Alumni and Leadership

Converse University takes pride in its distinguished alumni who have excelled in various fields and impacted society.

From Broadway performers to Pulitzer Prize winners and civil rights attorneys, Converse College has nurtured and unleashed remarkable talent into the world.

Converse University’s successful alumni showcase the excellent education and opportunities provided by the university. The visionary leadership of Converse College has significantly influenced the institution’s history and promoted a culture of academic excellence.

Past presidents such as Benjamin F. Wilson, Robert Paine Pell, and Elizabeth A. Fleming have left an indelible mark on the college’s growth and development. Their dedication and guidance have propelled Converse University to new heights.

Today, Converse University is led by President Boone J. Hopkins, who upholds the institution’s values and commitment to providing a transformative educational experience.

Under President Hopkins’ leadership, Converse University remains dedicated to empowering students, cultivating their potential, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields.


Q: Is Converse College still an all-girl school?

A: No, Converse College decided to transition to a coeducational university in 2020.

Q: Why did Converse College decide to become coed?

A: The decision to transition to a coeducational university was driven by a desire to ensure the future viability of the institution and to attract a broader range of students.

Q: Will women’s education still be emphasized at Converse University?

A: Yes, Converse University will continue emphasizing women’s leadership and aims to strengthen its mission of preparing students to become engaged, adaptable global citizens.

Q: What academic programs are offered at Converse University?

A: Converse University offers various academic programs, including over 30 undergraduate majors and 28 graduate programs.

Q: What is the Nisbet Honors Program?

A: The Nisbet Honors Program at Converse University provides opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in rigorous academic pursuits.

Q: What are the Model Programs at Converse University?

A: Converse University is known for its Model Programs, particularly its participation in the Model Arab League and the International Model NATO conference.

Q: What athletic level and conference does Converse University compete in?

A: Converse University’s athletic teams, known as the Valkyries, compete at the NCAA Division II level in the Conference Carolinas.

Q: Who are some notable alumni of Converse College?

A: Converse College has produced notable alumni in various fields, including Broadway performers, Pulitzer Prize winners, and civil rights attorneys.

Q: Who are some past presidents of Converse College?

A: Some past presidents of Converse College include Benjamin F. Wilson, Robert Paine Pell, and Elizabeth A. Fleming.

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