Ethos International School

Ethos International School: Experience the Revolution in Global Education

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, Cairo, stands a remarkable institution that has been shaping the minds and characters of young learners since its inception. 

Ethos International School, established in 2015, is a place of academic excellence and a nurturing environment where students are instilled with core ethical and moral values.

The Humble Beginnings

The story of Ethos International School is one of passion and perseverance. It began with a group of 22 pupils at Rukan Nursery. As these children grew older and their bond with the nursery deepened, the need for a more advanced educational institution became evident. 

Thus, Ethos was born, starting with just two Foundation Stage classes. From a mere 40 students in its first year, the school has now grown to accommodate over 540 students, each carrying forward the legacy of passion and fervor that defines Ethos.

A Unique Educational Approach

The school follows the UK National Curriculum, ensuring a standardized and unified learning experience for all its students. This curriculum introduces pupils to essential knowledge, making them well-educated citizens. 

It exposes them to the best of human thought and creativity, fostering an appreciation for human achievement. Moreover, Ethos has also acquired accreditation from Cambridge International Examinations, offering the Cambridge curriculum in Lower/Upper Secondary.

Character Education: The Ethos Way

At Ethos, education goes beyond textbooks. The school’s Character Education Program aims to instill core ethical and moral values in students, preparing them to be caring, responsible, and contributing global citizens. 

This program strikes a balance between mind and heart, focusing on both performance and moral traits. Every month, students delve deep into a specific value, learning the skills needed to practice and apply them in real-life scenarios.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Over 14,000 meters of land, Ethos’s green and environmentally friendly campus boasts top-notch facilities. Once fully completed, it will house 70 classes, each accommodating a maximum of 25 pupils. 

The campus has swimming pools, squash courts, football courts, and a multi-purpose basketball court. Additionally, it features a library, computer labs, music rooms, art rooms, and a theater.

Admission to Ethos International School

At Ethos International School (EIS), the admission process is designed to be smooth and straightforward. The Admissions Team at EIS ensures that every application is meticulously reviewed from its initial phase. This meticulous approach ensures that each student’s entry into the school aligns with the institution’s values and educational standards.

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Visiting the Campus

Before initiating the application process, parents are strongly encouraged to visit the school campus. This visit lets parents experience the school’s environment, facilities, and Ethos firsthand. 

It also allows them to interact with the staff and understand the school’s culture. To schedule a visit, parents can quickly contact the school via email or telephone to set up an appointment. 

This proactive approach ensures parents have all the information they need to make an informed decision about their child’s education.

Tuition Fees

While the exact tuition fees were not explicitly mentioned in the provided content, parents must be aware of the financial commitment involved in enrolling their child at EIS. 

Typically, schools of such caliber offer a detailed breakdown of tuition fees, additional costs, and payment plans on their website or through their admissions department. 

Parents should contact the school’s admissions or finance department for detailed information on tuition fees and any available financial aid or scholarship opportunities.

A Word from the Head Teacher

The Head Teacher of Ethos International School extends a warm welcome to all prospective parents and students. The Head Teacher emphasizes the school’s commitment to academic excellence and character education in their message. 

EIS aims to produce students who are academically sound, ethical, and responsible global citizens. The school’s unique approach to education, which combines the UK National Curriculum with a strong emphasis on character education, local language, and culture, is a testament to its commitment to holistic education.


The Head Teacher is confident that visitors to the school will be impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities, the dedication of the staff, and most importantly, the talent and confidence of the students.

In Conclusion

Ethos International School stands out as an institution that offers a balanced blend of academic rigor and character development. 

From its transparent admissions process to its commitment to holistic education, EIS is truly a beacon of excellence in the educational landscape. 

Parents seeking a nurturing environment prioritizing academic achievement and moral values will find EIS the perfect fit for their children’s educational journey.

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