Maharat Super Global British International School

Maharat Super Global British International School: A Comprehensive Overview

Maharat Super Global British International School (M.S.G.B.S.E.) stands as a beacon of excellence in international education. 

With its roots firmly planted in the British educational system, the institution offers a holistic approach to learning, ensuring that students are academically proficient, globally aware, culturally sensitive, and morally upright.

Vision and Mission

M.S.G.B.S.E.’s vision and mission revolve around creating a nurturing environment where students can academically and personally thrive. 

The school believes in fostering a sense of belonging, ensuring every student feels valued and understood. 

This ethos is evident in the school’s commitment to global education, its emphasis on cultural understanding, and its dedication to producing well-rounded individuals.

Global Wise Education

The school’s Global Wise Education program is a testament to its commitment to producing global citizens. 

This initiative ensures that students are academically proficient, culturally aware, socially responsible, and morally upright.

The Montessori System

M.S.G.B.S.E. integrates the Montessori approach, an educational philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, from the Foundation stage up to the end of the Primary stage. 

This method emphasizes hands-on, self-paced learning, allowing students to understand concepts deeply and holistically. 

The Montessori approach fosters qualities like academic excellence, self-motivation, a lifelong love of learning, self-control, confidence, social awareness, spiritual awareness, creativity, and original thought.

British Curriculum Overview

The school implements a world-class accredited British education program divided into four main stages: 

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The Foundation Stage, The Primary Stage, The Secondary 1 Stage, and The Secondary 2 and Advanced Stage. 

Core subjects include English, Mathematics, and Science, with additional French, German, and Arabic offerings for non-Arabic speakers. 

National subjects are also provided in line with the Egyptian Ministry of Education requirements.

Admission Process

M.S.G.B.S.E. has a comprehensive admission process for September entry in January each year. 

The process includes age-based assessments, consideration of previous school records, potential interviews, and more. The school prioritizes students with siblings already registered and those with high academic abilities.

School Culture and Philosophy

M.S.G.B.S.E. prides itself on its unique philosophy, where students are recognized as “S.U.P.E.R.” – Sportive, Universal, Productive, Enlightened, and Reformers. 

The school believes in identifying individual needs, promoting the welfare of students with special education needs, fostering good citizenship, and nurturing lifelong learners.

Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)

For students with learning difficulties and disabilities, M.S.G.B.S.E. provides an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). 

This plan is tailored to meet the unique educational needs of each student, ensuring they reach their academic goals with ease. 

The I.E.P. helps teachers and related service providers understand the student’s disability and its impact on learning.


Maharat Super Global British International School is more than just an educational institution; it’s a community that nurtures, supports, and guides its students towards a brighter future. 

With its commitment to excellence, global awareness, and individual growth, M.S.G.B.S.E. is a testament to what holistic education can achieve. 

Whether through its Montessori approach, British curriculum, or its emphasis on global education, the school ensures its students are well-prepared to face future challenges with confidence and grace.

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